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    One of the most important and awesome features of Character Keeper is the ability for players and DMs to create their own custom classes and races to take advantage of the app’s programming. To get you guys started I have attached some sample files for you to look at/download/use. If you’re the adventurous type, and decide to create your own files, they must have the .rules extension.

    Complete Psionic (incomplete)

    Magic of Incarnum (missing prestige classes)

    Adding Books to Your Library

    When you initially open the Character Keeper app it will look something like this:


    1. Download the book files you would like to use and save them somewhere on your computer. Remember, they must have the .rules extension.

    2. Close the Character Keeper app on your iPad with a swipe.

    3. Plug your iPad into your laptop/desktop.

    4. Open iTunes.

    5. Select your device and view Apps. In the right hand column, scroll down the page until you see the File Sharing section. Select the Character Keeper app and you will see a list of files. Everyone will have a characters.xml file. You may or may not have other files here as well.

    6. Drag the new book files you would like to add from their location on your computer and drop them onto the list.


    7. The Documents list will be updated with the new files you’ve just added. Click the sync button to transfer those files to your iPad.


    8. Eject your iPad. Open the Character Keeper app and your new books will be in your Library.


     To Delete a Book

    Follow the same steps as above, but instead of adding files to the Documents list, delete them instead.

    Adding Books without iTunes

    There is currently not a method, that we know of, to add files to apps without iTunes that doesn’t involve jailbreaking the device. We are investigating a way to do uploads via email. We are open to suggestions.

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