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    Hello Adventurers!

    Here are the forum rules so that everyone has a great experience discussing Character Keeper and sharing their creations.

    Illegal Activities:

    • The discussion of illegal activities is not permitted.
    • Do not post copyrighted material.
    • Do not request or post links to pirated content.
    • Do not create multiple forum accounts. Accounts created for inappropriate or illegal reasons will be banned.


    • No Swearing. No Flaming. No Trolling. Flaming is intentionally posting hurtful, insulting, or harassing messages to others. Trolling is deliberately posting sarcastic, off topic, or rude remarks in order to incite a fight on the boards. Take the high road and be polite. Respect others even if their opinions differ from yours. If you disagree with someone, you are free to do so politely, but please don’t make it personal.
    • Keep your posts and the Creative Corner clean. Do not post anything referencing adult materials.
    • Please do not post personal information (i.e. your age, contact info, personal pictures, etc.). We have many community members who are underage and we need to do our best to protect them.
    • Do not impersonate anyone else. This includes moderators, CK employees, other members, celebrities, or anyone else. This includes using a screen name that uses the words “CKGuru” or “Moderator”.

    Guidelines for Courteous Posting:

    • Keep your posts relevant to the section they are in. For example, posts in the Technical Support section should relate to gameplay and technical issues. Posts not relating to the section they are posted in may be deleted.
    • Do not post entire messages in ALL CAPS or post multiples of words in extra-large font. This is considered shouting. Shouting is not polite. Find a less “noisy” way to emphasize your ideas.
    • Do not post blank or “no text” messages.
    • Confine your signature to three lines or less. Keep the content of your post easy on the eyes and focused. Having a lengthy signature distracts and clutters the board.
    • Do not create multiple threads for one topic or post your thread in every category.This includes spamming advertisements of your website. Simply choose the one most fitting for your post. Try to include all your points in a single thread. You may post a link to your website once or twice, but not repeatedly. You can also advertise your website in your signature or Profile page.
    • Make your subject titles as direct and descriptive as possible.
    • Do not post threads with misleading thread titles.
    • Do not hijack threads. Hijacking means to redirect the topic of a thread. Keep your replies relevant to the original poster’s thread.

    Images, Avatars, and Signatures:

    • Do not include religious, political or blatantly controversial content in your signature. Linking to pirated content and harmful content, such as trojan horses or adult-themed content is also inappropriate.
    • Please limit your signature to one image, large signatures may distract other players in the forums.
    • Do not use personal photos in your avatars or signatures.
    • Do not post or communicate any person’s real-world personal information.
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